(c) 2019 created by ANNIE MOORE in NEW YORK CITY


Annie Moore (born as Anna Stefanie Schumann; July 22, 1991) is a German vocalist,songwriter, actress,playwright, dancer, entertainer, translator and descendant of composers Clara Schumann and Robert Schumann.

She is known for her cultural - educational achievements between Germany and the United States. 

Born in Dortmund, but growing up between Fréhel, Brittany in France and Leipzig, later in Berlin. First piano and musical theory training at the age of 4 by her mother Katrin who used to study with Carolin Masur at the musical conservatory in Leipzig. 

Moore began playing the alto saxophone at the age of 11, first musical theatre performance with press and media at the age of 13.

Moore moved to Robert Schumann's native town Zwickau at the age of 18 with 1 suitcase to attend the Clara Wieck Gymnasium to study classical music.

As being an independent young woman that moved out at the early age of 15, Moore was always forced to work in restaurants, sales and did educational teaching jobs on the side to sustain her life on her own. She graduated with the "Abitur", the highest school degree in Germany at the "Abendgymnasium" in Chemnitz, Saxony in 2013. The "Abendgymnasium" is an educational evening institution she transferred to, to be working full time during the day and to go to school at night for 3 years. Therefore Moore paused her music studies from 2011 - 2013. However Moore was active as German songwriter for several Pop Bands and performed as pre act for the well known band  "Die Soehne Mannheims" in Gera 2012. 

In 2013 Annie Moore settled in Berlin to pursue her film and theatre acting studies at the "Filmschauspielschule Berlin" (trans. film acting school Berlin) while she worked full time at Europe's most luxurious fashion department,the KaDeWe Berlin. There Annie Moore worked for "Fraas - the scarfs company" and opened the first "Hartmann luggage" concession shop, accompanied by the suitcase of Hollywood stars Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall that just arrived from the film festival in Cannes.

While Annie performed as chanteuse with her pianist Ralf von der Moranzin (moranzin.de) in locations such as “the Westin Hotels”, “the Ritz Carlton Hotel” as well as at several other upscale locations, she improved her skills as fashionista at the KaDeWe Berlin and then left to the United States.

Meanwhile Moore worked with theatre professor Mechthild Hauptmann from the Ernst Busch acting School in Berlin and took intensive private lessons with director and Lee Strasberg graduate Werner Heinrichmöller whom she is working with until today.

Arrived with one suitcase in New York City on June 22 nd 2016 Annie first studied acting for film with Blanche Baker, daughter of Hollywood legend "Babydoll" - Caroll Baker at the New York Film Academy. Followed by her english studies to learn how to "feel" the language, Annie then began her dance studies with Broadway Jazz soul Sue Samuels. Today Annie is a proud music student in the evening division at The Juilliard School. Her most impacting professors are Reggie Quinnerly, Cherrie Roe and former president of the recording academy, Greg Knowles.

To build a German American cultural platform, Annie Moore wrote and produced her own Marlene Dietrich cabaret show "Berlin Girl".

Shortly after Annie's arrival in New York, she was lead to the iconic German Butcher shop Schaller & Weber on New York's Upper East Side.

There Annie met Gregorij von Leitis and began to support "Elysium" as her translations are momentarily to see in the current "The Bridge Journal" under Anna Schumann by The Lahr von Leitis Academy (lahrvonleitisacademy.eu).

To give back and to thank all New Yorkers, Annie Moore sings Marlene Dietrich. It is a treat for everybody and a reminder on Hollywood legend Marlene Dietrich who was famous for her humanitarian acts during World War 2. Above that, Annie Moore shares her own identity conflict in "Berlin Girl" as part of the Schumann family. Her great great grandfather Hermann Schumann, immediate relative of well known pianist Clara Schumann was the son of a jewish mother. During the 1930 ies, the Hitler Era in Germany, Hermann decided to divorce his wife Marianne to protect their children Heidi and Ekkehard. To make the case politically "airtight" Hermann Schumann, lawyer and director of the provincial court in Leipzig married their servant Anna and with her he had another child, Rainer. Rainer Schumann, who conduced as protection during the Holocaust for the Schumann family is Annie's grandfather from her father's side.
For  "Berlin Girl" - the One Woman Show, Annie Moore collaborates  with Emmy Award winning composer and producer Gary Schreiner (garyschreiner.com), as well as withGrammy™ winning and Emmy™ nominated Audio Engineer Dave Kowalski, former co owner of the famous Bennett studios in New York. Since September 2017, Annie Moore is enrolled as musician in the evening division of the prestigious Juilliard School in New York City as she is momentarily to see on the cover of the fall course catalogue of the Juilliard School evening division 2018. A big poster of this print is now to see in front the Alice Tully Hall at Lincoln Center.